What you need for “Painless Swimming Lesson’s”

We, as Aussie’s, love to swim. We love the beach, children’s pool parties, a backyard summer bbq, visiting water playgrounds and we love holiday destinations close to the water. It’s so important to our culture, So, why would we not teach our children how to swim?

Maybe the daunting thought of trying to fit it into our families weekly routine or changing a wet child in the cold change rooms. Do you worry “what if my child won’t like it?” or even preparing a swim bag scare you…. The reality is, it is a very important skill to learn and could save your child’s life…. So turn your swimming lesson trips into positive experiences for yourself and your children.

To help ease your anxiety, here are a few bag packing tips for your swimming lesson trips:

1. Swimmers Nappies – make sure you ask at your swim centre the requirement for Swimmers Nappies. Some centre’s require swimmers nappies until the age of 4, so call in advance and be prepared. However if you forget your swimmers nappies, NO SWIMMING will be allowed!

2. Encouragement – If your child is swimming in the pool without you, be sure to offer lots of encouragement before their lesson. Get to the pools early and let them explore by themselves in the shallow before their class. They might even team up with a few kids and start splashing around together.

3. Snacks – Swimming is hard work, so be sure to fuel them right up when they have finished. Little snacks are great, dried fruit, crackers, popcorn and remember a water bottle.

4. Change of Clothes – Change rooms can be a hectic and cold place…. Pack clothes in a plastic bag to change into after swimming. Choose warm clothes, easy “on & off” change of clothes. Dresses in summer, pull over t-shirts and track pants in summer. REMEMBER knickers and jocks.

5. Plastic Bags – wet swimsuits and towels can quickly be thrown into spare plastic bags, however REMEMBER to take them out as soon as you get home to wash and hang up.

6. Illness – Swimming lesson’s are fantastic, however children can get sick especially during winter. Be sure to keep up their vitamin intake and keep your child warm after getting changed. I would avoid swimming lessons with under 1’s during winter, until they have built up an immune system. Make sure you enrol again for Term 4!

7. Bribery – Keep a few spare silver coins in your purse just in case you need to use a “lolly” from the canteen after swimming as bribery to get them to listen to their teacher…

—– and last, but the most excited part ———

The Swimsuit – make sure your child is comfortable in their swimwear. They will be in and out of the water during their lesson, so be sure swimwear will stay on! Dress them in their swimmers before you take them, they will be dying to get into the water as soon as you walk through the doors. So grab your’s here now!

With a quick checklist and everything packed, parents can feel at ease and enjoy watching their child learning to swim, knowing that these skills may save their life 🙂 🙂

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If you have not enquired into swimming lesson’s, please do so now and enrol them in a centre close by.

Happy Swimming!

Cheers Lee-Anne xx