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With such a huge focus on recycling in every household, I've been on a mission to find a better way for HeavenLee to help protect our precious Earth. 🌏

With my own children and my customer's children growing up so quickly, I'm becoming more aware with the environment we will leave behind for our children and their future. 👧👦


It has taken a few years for me to find an Eco solution for our swim brand, an easy alternative for our customers who love to make a difference to our protect our amazing Earth, from 100% recycled fabric to packaging that is compostable, HELP US, MAKE A DIFFERENCE 😍



Did you know that over 16million plastic bottles have been used to date, to produce fabrics in the fashion industry?⁠

and well over 152 tonnes of fishing nets & landfill was recycled into fabrics, in 2016. Can you image what the figure is now, 5 years later in a world that is starting to care for our precious earth soooo much! 🌏


Did you know our swimwear is made from a Recycled fabric? ♻️

Here is the very reason we moved to Recycled fabrics! Protecting our environment, the oceans, these beautiful creatures and to ensure our children can enjoy it for many century's to come! 🌏

Here is the process on how your plastics are turned into swimwear... 🤗

To start with, all your recycled plastic is sent to Recycling Facilities all over the world. They are then sorted, washed and turned into plastic flakes. Flakes are then blended, melted and turned into chips or balls. Then loaded into Silo's, 1 silo can hold 27 million plastic bottles 😮. The plastic chips/balls are then textured through machines and transformed into fibres with performance properties (ie: chlorine resistant, water repellent) . The fibres are woven into a fabric! AMAZING! Isn't it! 👏 All our current "Swim" range is made from this fabric!👏

As you can see, technologies within manufacturing are just amazing! and this is what I love about HeavenLee! It allows me to find the most up to date fabrics for my customers! 🏊‍♀️ If you have ever chatted to me, you know how excited I get when I start talking manufacturing and the entire process!


Did you know that at HeavenLee we use not just 1 Recycled Fabric, but 2!

A-MEN sister! 🌏

The 2nd type of recycled fabric we use is waste that comes our oceans. Abandoned Fishing Nets!! I bet you didn't even know this was a 'thing'! ♻️

Volunteer divers at @healthyseas dive around the world for fishing nets that have been abandoned. These fishing nets, often called ghost nets, remain adrift for a substantial amount of time (500 years) and are responsible for the accidental capture of whales, turtles, birds and other marine mammals. WOW! 😮

The nets then get sent to Recycling process centre's, processed into a yarn, as above . ♻️

Together, we can all, save not only our oceans but the amazing marine mammals who call our beautiful oceans "HOME" 🐳



 I love sharing our Manufacturing story, anyone who asks me, knows that I'm so passionate to support an Indonesian Small Business.

Our swimwear is manufactured in Indonesia and the very people below sew your swimwear. I love visiting the Indonesian factory, however with covid, I haven't been able to visit and I miss it terribly.

We would sit in the factory you see below discussing new & improved ways to sew our swimwear. Every one of them are specialist in garment production.

If would be so much cheaper to have our swimwear sewn in China. However, why would I, when I can work so closely with an Indonesian small business. 



Our factory, also gives back to their Indonesian community. During covid, instead of closing their business, they have been sewing medical supplies for much needed hospitals in Indonesia.



Did you know that a 500ml plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to biodegrade? 🌏 SAY WHAT! and that means larger bottles will take over 1,000 years! ⁠

and not all "plastic bottles" are biodegradable♻️⁠

This was a stat I read a few years ago and it made me think "How can I make an impact on recycling" and to my surprise it was the FABRIC we use in our swimwear! 🤗⁠

In 2015 Recycled Swim fabric was coming out in the world of manufacturing, BUT the faster it was coming out, the quicker it was being bought by large companies! It was becoming quiet hard for this little gal to get her hands on it! The cost of it was VERY high and I would've had to sell a swimsuit for over $100 👎⁠

But over the years, as the demand has increased the supply has increased too! It also was now a more affordable option 👍 We started using it in 2018 😍⁠

It's sooooo fantastic to see the need for recycling to increase so dramatically in just 3 years!⁠

With such clever Fabric companies now producing a Swim Fabric that is woven from our recyclables, massive CONGRATS to all the scientists out there! ♻️⁠

Dear Earth, LISTEN UP! We are going to SAVE YOU!⁠