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6 years ago, it was time to buy swimwear for my daughters swimming lessons. I was quiet shocked to see the inappropriate Teeny Tiny triangle bikini’s in the large retail shops for children under 6 years! As a sewer, I drafted a pattern for a new style of swimwear, made a sample and we went swimming.

I realized other parent has the same issues as myself.

The “Growth Suit” gave parents a swimsuit that was comfy, age appropriate and a cuteness factor with 3 very full ruffles around the bottom. Their children felt so comfortable

It helped with their child’s self-esteem while the family enjoyed a day on the beach.

6 years later and HeavenLee Swimwear has a Girls & Boys range of swimwear with over 20 prints, exclusively designed by myself, and in various styles. With bright and fashionable prints your kids love to wear.

Constantly looking at innovation in swim fabric and designs, HeavenLee swimsuits are lasting years.

Always striving to source the best swim fabric for your children.

Hi, Im Lee-Anne, and inspiring mother of two daughters aged 8 , Talia & 4 year old Alissa and a wife to my husband John.
We live in Perth, Western Australia, just a short drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.
We love spending time outdoors and are forever “Chasing the Sunshine”

“I am a 3rd generation seamstress”

At the age of 6 I had already sewn my first swimsuit and to my mothers dismay, I collected some seagull feathers and artistically put them through the front of my swimsuit… (pic to come)

My mum also taught me the importance to draft my own patterns at an early age, at the the time I thought it was such a bore…

BUT when I sit in the Indonesian factory to draft our samples to perfection, this natural skill is the utmost importance to ensure the quality  and best fit for our swimwear. 


It's this perfection to get the fit right, that our customers appreciate.

Love Lee xx

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