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About Us

Many would say that the story of  HeavenLee Kids Swimwear - our story - started in 2010, when our owner, creative director, seamstress, mum and allround “doer” - Lee-Anne Stilitano - handmade her daughter’s swimwear when she couldn’t find anything that allowed “kids to be kids” in the shops.



These early foundations of longevity, respect, education and relationships have guided every step of the HeavenLee Kids Swimwear’s business, creative and learning journey - from a small operation in Perth, to a wholesale direction and following the “fashionable” ways, to, today, a realisation that our sustainability values and honest commitment to working with our customers are our chosen way to grow.


From 2019, HeavenLee Swimwear will continue doing the “unfashionable” thing!


We’re going to slow down the “fast fashion” trend by continuing our dedication to making durable swimwear that can be worn again and again, and passed down from siblings to cousins to new family arrivals.


We’re going to work closer than ever with our customers by being transparent about every aspect of how our swimwear is and should be made, delivered and packaged.


We’re keeping kids happy in and out of the water through our sun smart and “have fun while learning” innovative designs we add.


Lastly, we’re all about securing the future of our children through our use of eco-friendly fabrics (made out of plastic bottles and abandoned fish nets) and sustainable production practices that truly lead to strong community development and empowerment.


Welcome to HeavenLee Kids Swimwear… here, we make our own story “fashionable."

Love Lee xx



Our Mission

A fashion industry that sustainably contributes to long term future benefits for our children and our homes


Here at HeavenLee Kids Swimwear, we believe that small gestures have a big impact.


We know that we are a small player in the big, massive world of fashion.


But we also know that the little things we do for our kids mean a lot for their future.


It is through these little things that we do together that can make a difference.


  • using eco-friendly fabrics that contribute to safeguarding our planet for future generations

  • adopting a slower and more durable movement of wearing, keeping and passing on our clothes

  • working with our customers - not with industry trends - to design, create and make the products that they need, and,

  • empowering children with safe and valuable learning in a fun and innovative way

Our Mission

Empowering children and their families, in and out of the water


We believe that every business - however big or small - can make a difference in making the world a better place.


At HeavenLee Kids Swimwear we don’t just want to design, create and deliver high quality, durable and eco-friendly swimwear. We also want to empower children and their families, in and out of the water.


We aim to do this through:


  • Caring for the future of our next generations -the fashion industry has been described as the second most polluting industry in the world. We want to change that story when it comes to HeavenLee by our use of innovative eco-friendly fabrics (out of plastic bottles and abandoned fishing nets) and slower fashion practices (through a focus on durable and high quality swimsuit).

  • Making learning fun and fashionable- our colourful swim prints, our sun smart design and our (soon to be released) natural scented swimwear show children and their families that being smart when it comes to fashion is possible.

  • Building a business that gives back- keeping with our sustainable focus, we work ethically with a smaller, family run business in Bali to produce our swimwear. While it means it costs more for us to make our swimwear, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our designs, but importantly, on securing better futures for our other global community members.

  • Going old school and focussing on our customers- our customers are our priorities. We won’t be able to exist without their love and support of what we do. We talk to our customers, we are transparent about our production and services, we grow our range and business with their changing needs, and we prioritise quality in every stage of our work so that satisfaction and happiness also gets delivered with every order.

  • Having a lasting presence -one of our priorities for the future is to build a business that grows with our customers and our own children. Through our ethical and customer focussed business, we want to provide a space, an opportunity for our children to build these skills for the future.


Our People

HeavenLee Kids Swimwear is not for every child and family.


We’re honest about that because we know that what we are committed to and practice - sustainability, being environmentally friendly, a slower fashion movement, working with our customers rather than trends and adding an education component to our swimwear - is not everyone’s cup of tea.


HeavenLee Kids Swimwear aims to be the option for children and family members who are looking for an alternative to “fashionable” trends that are not always comfortable, safe and empowering for our kids.


We are the trusted brand for conscious contemporary customers who want to know where our swimwear has been made, who made it and how it’s been made.


Our swimwear and related products are for any children and their family members who prefers quality over quantity, sharing our foundational beginnings of respecting our clothes.


Lastly, we are foranyone who believes in playing a small part and a big impact, in securing the future of our children and our home planet by prioritising sustainability and education.