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If you are a large or small business, we would love the opportunity to work with you. Do you have a similar audience, we can collaborate with you? If your business is passionate about all things Sun, Sand and Sea, we would love to hear what magic you have in mind!


Are you looking for a quality of swimwear that will withstand your summer and holiday’s? Do you love to recommend a Brand that has an exceptional product and service? or even want a Giveaway or Discount Code for your fans?

We know you are busy, so just shoot us a quick email or text with your child’s size & age, favourite colour and address. We will have some swimwear sent to you in no time at all.

We would be honoured to work with you.

or if you need something urgently, call 0421138506.

Influencer’s and Socialites

Do you have a large ‘mum’ following in your local community or the world of social media?

Maybe you are looking for swimwear for your vacations? or you live close to a beach or have regular Staycations? 

We would love you to reach out to us, as HeavenLee would looooove to deck out your kids in their swimwear.

Shoot us an email to

or if you need something urgently, call 0421138506.




We love the idea of Collaborating with businesses that have the same target market.

Would you love to help design our next product? or want to combine a marketing campaign?

A swimming centre wanting to collaborate for an event? A daycare, school or dancing studio? Even a travel agency looking for a Giveaway.

We can supply a Branding Briefing, to make ensure we get the best out of our Collaborations.

Are you in PR, Media, Events, Fashion and need products for photoshoots?

Please bring your amazing idea’s to us and let’s see what magic we can create.


P.S – If you are a Brand rep, please see next. We classify Brand Reps different to Collaborations.


Brand Rep’s

At HeavenLee Swim, we have the highest standard of images for our marketing, social media and website.

If you would like to be apart of the HeavenLee Swim Brand Rep team, we aim for the ‘white-washed’ beach feel. To understand natural lighting, colours and the way children move is the utmost importance to our brand.

Please make sure you view our images, Instagram to get a feel for our Branding before applying. We do use a T&C Agreement, please apply below to see if you can abide by our terms.

We hope you & your children can join our family xx