HeavenLee Swim “An Adventurous Summer” Boys Collection

Our summer 16/17 boys collection is almost here! Stay tuned for our online launch this Friday the 23rd of September at 8am AEST.

In the mean time, read below to see which prints you would like to add to your wish list!

“Bat Boy”

batman collage 1000w

For the comic lovers out there, HeavenLee’s in-trend Batman inspired bat boy print will make your child standout in style!

“Superhero”superhero collage 1000w

For the energetic, active boys who love to jump off things! Your little superhero will be ready to save the day with HeavenLee’s superhero board shorts.

“Arcade Boy”
arcade boy collage 1000w

HeavenLee’s bright and colourful arcade boy print is perfect for little video gamers, especially those who constantly nag you to play games on your phone!


HeavenLee’s invaders board shorts are perfect for the imaginative child who lives in his own little world, and happily preoccupies himself with playing games.

“Geo Fish”

geo fish collage 1000w

For your little ocean boy who loves to run amok in the water! Your child will love to swim around in HeavenLee’s geo fish board shorts.


palms collage 1000w

For the little explorers who love to play outdoors and don’t mind getting a little grubby, HeavenLee’s nature inspired palms print is perfect for your boy to run around in on a summer’s day.

This summer all our swimwear comes in sizes: 6 month, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Chlorine Resistant & UPF50+

“Born from the Sun and the Sea”

Lee xxx

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