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Discover how to have a successful fundraiser with HeavenLee Swim. We are here to help you reach your Fundraising Goals.

Whether you’re a School, Sports Club, Individuals, Social Club, Community or Corportate, we will work with you to provide a fantastic and ‘useable product’ for your fundraiser.

If you would like our Fundraising Catalogue and Information Letter, please email leeanne@heavenleeswim.com

If you are a student and would love to suggest HeavenLee Swim to your fundraising committee, please email leeanne@heavenleeswim.com and you will receive a $50 Gift Voucher.

Fundraising with Kids Swimwear


If you are fundraising fore Wembley Downs Primary School, please enter in the “Coupon Code”: Wembley downs primary school and 35% will be allocated to your Fundraising Commitee