• HeavenLee One Piece Featured in Kid Magazine

    Kid Magazine is currently featuring HeavenLee Swim’s “Tea Party” one piece in their summer editorial! “A magazine for stylish mums” is how editor Sara Keli describes her brain child Kid Magazine, and now HeavenLee has been added to their extensive list of featured stylish brands. HeavenLee “Tea Party” one piece pictured in centre. Image credit: Elise Garner (Lecoco […]

    HeavenLee Swim as Featured on KidStyleFile

    We are really excited to announce that we currently have a feature in KidStyleFile! Australian independent news source for baby and kids designer and boutique brands, KidStyleFile spoke with Lee-Anne earlier this month about her beginnings, inspirations, summer trend predictions and more. How did you get started?  I am an inspiring mother to two beautiful daughters aged 6 […]


    Heavenlee has been featured in the October issue of  Kidsstyle File blog post

    The weather is warming up and very soon it will be hot, hot hot. I’m looking forward to a long summer filled with days at the beach and BBQs by the pool. Are your kids summer ready? With a wide range of swimwear designs that suit all ages from toddlers to teens at HeavenLee – www.heavenleeswim.comyou’re sure to find something that will make a splash.

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    5 Beach Games for a family day in the sun

    I was lucky enough to an article published in “Issue 11″ for Kid Magazine. You can also view it here, on Page 37, 38 & 39. So proud to see HeavenLee Creations in the mag! 🙂


    5 Beach Games for a family day in the sun

    Summer is here and you say to the kids “Put on your bathers, we are going to the beach”.

    You’ve packed the bags with food, drinks, towels, hats, sunscreen and the trusty bucket and spade.

    Children love the beach, with its fresh air, cooling ocean and endless supply of sand. However, the trusty bucket and spade may only get you so far when it comes to entertainment.

    Having some beach activities planned for the kids is an excellent and low-cost way to create a fun and energetic day for the whole family. The beach is a great place for children to explore a little further than they would at home, and with the soft sand and ample space it becomes a big backyard.

    Planning your day doesn’t have to be hard – keeping a few low cost items in your beach bag can create some simple beach games for the kids and give parents time to relax or join in.

    Here are some great ways to have fun in the sun. You’ll need:

    –          1 or 2 packs of tennis balls

    –          3-5 plastic cups, one for each child

    –          3-5 plastic or metal spoon, one for each child


    Water Relay – you have an ocean in front of you, so use it! Relay games will give the kids plenty of exercise and keeping them cool at the same time.

     How to play: You need two teams. One player sits on the beach with a cup above their head and the others are runners. The runners play tag with another cup while running to the ocean to fill up their cup and pouring the water into the sitter’s cup. The first team to fill the sitter’s cup wins!

    Water Relay 1 LOGO Final [1024x768]

    Water Relay 3 LOGO Final [1024x768]


    Tunnel Ball – Another game to keep the kids’ energy up before lunch.

    How to play: Each team stands in a straight line at the top of the beach, facing the water, with their legs standing apart to form a tunnel. The player closest to the water turns to face the tunnel and rolls the ball up through the tunnel to the person at the back. Once the ball has reach the back, that player picks up the ball, runs down the beach to the start of the line and starts to roll the ball through the tunnel of legs again. The game continues until they all end up in the water.

    Tunnel Ball 1 LOGO Final [1024x768]


    Beach Bowling – A game that requires a bit of patience and co-ordination.

    How to play: Dig two or three holes in the sand, all different sizes. Have the children line up and take turns to roll some tennis balls towards the holes. Why not involve your cups and stand them upside down behind the holes and see how many can roll the balls past the holes and knock down the cups.

    Beach Bowling 2 LOGO Final [1024x768]

    Beach Bowling 1 LOGO Final [1024x768]


    Scavenger Hunt – Here’s a game that will keep them occupied and quiet for a while. Nothing beats a seashell hunt at the beach, but why not have them thinking a bit more? Collect nature items to make a self portrait on the sand.

    How to play: Each child plays individually, collecting as many nature items (such as shells, sticks, and seaweed) they need to draw a self portrait on the beach.

    Scavenger Hunt 2 LOGO Final [1024x768]

    Shell Self Portrait1 LOGO Final [1024x768]

    Shell Self Portraits 2 LOGO Final [1024x768]


    Shell and Spoon Race – A good old fashioned “Egg and Spoon” race with a twist.

    How to play: Each child has a spoon they need to fill with dry sand – not wet sand as this will make the game too easy – and place a shell on top. Have the children run down to the water and back up to you, while keeping the shell on their spoon. First one back is the winner.

    Shell and Spoon Race - LOGO Final [1024x768]


    Tips for the day:

    – Be sure to stop the kids for water and snack breaks. Keeping active is hard work that will build up an appetite.

    – Apply sunscreen throughout the day and always have a shaded area reserved for some time to sit and regain energy. Keep hats on and slip, slop and slap.

    – These games are bound to have your children wanting to get outdoors and active again soon. So keep a stash of gaming supplies in your beach bag for the next trip. You could even use them at the park and pack a picnic.

    – The children are bound to be exhausted after such a fun day, so a nice, cold icy-pole does the trick while walking back to the car.

    Click here to see the whole issue of “Kid Magazine” Issue 11, we are on page 37-39

    We hope you enjoy this article and try some of the games suggested!

    Cheers Lee xx

    HeavenLee Swimwear is amongst the Top 20 Swimwear for Kids

    HeavenLee Swimwear has been featured in yet another “Top Swimwear in Australia” features. Yippeee!!!!

    “Kid Style File” have rounded up the best swimwear for kids in Australia and we have been featured amongst some amazing kids labels.


    KidStyleFile Roundup : Top 20 Kids Swimwear Picks for 2014

    Water safety is something that Australian families take very seriously. Swimming pools all around metropolitan areas received a surge of enrolments this last fortnight as parents started preparing for the Australian summer. It’s the perfect time to restart lessons if you gave your child some time out over the cooler months, and provides lots of opportunity to practice in the water before your excursions to the beach.

    To help you prepare for summer time fun we have rounded up 20 gorgeous swimsuits for boys and girls that will last right through summer and beyond. We’ve included rash vests for those of you looking for further sun protection.

    Read more here

    KidStyleFile Top20-HeavenLeeSwim

    Let’s hope you will see more of us in the media this summer 🙂

    Cheers Lee xx