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September 23, 2020 2 min read

Are you going away this school holiday’s? Are you prepared for your adventure? Travelling with kids can be a daunting task, whether you are travelling by car, plane, sea there is no escape when the kids are yelling “Are we there yet?”

Here are our Top 5 Travelling Tips which can be adapted for any travelling adventure.


1 – Quiet Time.

Here are some popular books to keep the kids quiet

  • Peppa Pig’s Family Buggy Book $9.99
  • Hootabelle Delux Colouring Book $5.95
  • In The Night Garden – Wiggle and Giggle Finger Puppet Book $16.95
  • Octonauts – Ready for Action $19.99

Or you can go for some cheap notepads and sticker books.


2 – Snacks

I’ve found this cute Elephant Lunchbox from “Little Bento Shop“. Why not fill it with some of these healthy snacks: suntana’s, cereal, rice crackers, Tiny Teddies, Popcorn, picklets, dried fruit and a Pop drink.

3 – Games

Why not try something a bit different with travelling games… Check out the “I Spy Bag” from MollyDagMade $24.95,

or try some FREE games with: Pick out the “Coloured Cars”, “I Spy With my Little Eye” or this awesome “Cardboard Racing Track”

4 – Plastic Bags

Always keep a stash of plastic bags for rubbish in the car.


5 – Little Surprises for positive reinforcement.

Start your trip on a positive note and reinforce good behaviour. Why not head into your local $2 shop and purchase a few little surprises. For the girls some play braclets & necklaces, Fairy wands. For the boys some play cars and trucks. As a very special reward have their favourite DVD on standby.


Motion Sickness

For the kids who get motion sickness, we have found these amazing “Psi bands

For the parents: remember to stop at a park half way there, give the legs a stretch, let the kidlets have a play and swap drivers!


Enjoy your holidays,

Cheers Lee-Anne