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October 09, 2017 2 min read

Spring is here and new things are out and are ready to be rocked by your little girl. Beautiful prints are out including unicorn, mermaid, cats, soft denim and lots of rainbow prints, there is something for every little girl.

Lots of different mermaid looks with soft scale look, to lovely pictures of mermaid. Every little girls wants to be a mermaid. Click this link to view the full range

These cute mirror sunglasses are all the rage and come in little girl size. Kmart have lots of different styles and different coloured mirror glasses from blue, red and yellow with coloured metal frames. So every little girl can be the same and match her mummy. These are a bargain at only $5 clink this link to view the product

Unicorn print is out and all rainbow and gorgeous. Lots of different styles and prints available. Every little girl loves unicorns. This print is available at your local target store click here to view this unicorn print product

Denim is back and its back with a cute look, soft denim overalls, jumpsuits and shirts. Kmart have lots of different styles and are all at a really good price.

Clink the link to view this product

Jelly shoes are all the rage and are cuter then ever, there are heap of different styles and colours. They now have the Jelly sandal which is super easy for kids to put on and take off them self’s. Target have a huge range click here to view all these sandals


Big bows on little head are here, bows can be used to brighten up your little girls outfit. I find them so great as they clip into the hair they wont be falling out and left in the playground. Target have amazing bright and mixed colours starting from only $8 t0 $18. click the link to view these stunning bows


I think is going to be a fantastic spring with some absolutely amazing clothes, shoes and accessories for every little girl.