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March 03, 2021 3 min read

So, you've received the memo from school....  "School Swimming Lesson's are here!"  Your kids are stoked, so excited! but all you can think of is the extra packing in the morning, the logistics of it all...


Don't stress, here are some tips to keep it as an easy process for you at home and your children at school.


1 - Comfortable swimwear.

Your children will either need to go to school in their swimsuit or change into them after lunch. Usually the school prioritizes the younger kids to go first, so they can come dressed in their swimmers.

Make sure your child can take their swimwear on & off themselves. Get them to put their swimsuit in in the morning ASAP and get ready for school. Then 15 mins before you leave the house, as them to quickly go to the toilet, which will require them to take off their school shirt, swimwear, shorts. If they can do that, then they will be fine at school.

If not, maybe try dress them in some separate bottoms and a top. This will help them for the quick toilet rushes at school.

*Most schools will not allow bikinis or crop tops.

2 - Towel

The school will usually ask the children to keep all their belongings at school. The will only need their towel, goggles & thongs on the bus to go to swimming lessons. So make sure they have a nice comfy towel to keep them warm when they get out of the pool. A towel that is easy to get on and off.


3 - Googles

Don't forget their goggles! Write their name on the goggles with a Black Sharpie. Let them put the goggle on and off themselves. It may take a few try's to get use to.  

Have a few spare pairs of goggles at home and keep them at home. Belongings get lost very easily during swimming lesson weeks at school! You want to avoid a last minute rush to BigW to buy googles at 8am!


4 - Shoes

The children will either go to school with sneakers or thongs. Make sure you do pack their thongs in their swim bag and they can change their shoes themselves.


5 - Spare Knickers

Keep 2 pairs of spare knickers in their swim bag, and also in their school bag. Keep spare knickers everywhere! ha ha... and don't be surprised if your children have spent most of the day with no knickers on after swimming, he he he....  Getting changed from wet bathers themselves is hard for littlies.... and Label all your clothing.


6 - Swim Bag

Pack all the above items in their swim bag. Make sure the Swim Bag is big enough for them to carry everything in. Most swim bags at Kmart & BigW are quiet small.... Have the towel, goggles & thongs towards the top of their swim bag.

Here's our new HeavenLee Swim Bags! a perfect size for all your child's school swimming lesson belongings.


7 - LABEL everything!!!!

and also go into school and check the Lost Property box after the first week on swimming lessons... If something has been lost, if you have your name on it, the teachers will usually return it to you.


8 - Washing your bathers.

Good quality swimwear should be able to handle the chlorine in our community swimming pools. However please rinse out your child's bathers after school. It will help with the longevity of your swimwear.


Swimming Lesson's are such an important part of your child's upbringing. Please encourage your child to get use to the water and not to be afraid to try school swimming lessons.


The instructors are here to help our children and teach them survival in the water.


Good luck mumma's! Here's to stress free mornings when packing your child's school swimming bag.

Love Lee xx