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August 21, 2017 3 min read

We all love summer and so do our kids, so I have put together some water games for toddlers.

Organising a few fun water safe games can keep kids entertained, even very young swimmers attention for 30 minutes or more. While building their swimming skills and burning some excess energy.

** These games all require a shallow pool and adult supervision and interactions.

Beach Ball Race

This is a simple and fun activity to play while in the swimming pool. Kids will love racing against each other to see who is the fastest with their ball. It can be played by kids of all ages, so get them in the pool and let the fun begin.

All you will need is a beach ball per child

– Inflate the balls and have the children swim along in the pool pushing the beach ball along with their noses.

– The child who reaches the end of the pool first is the winner.

Tips: They could also use there head, 1 arm and a leg.


Wishing Pond

This game allows Toddlers to dive/reach for toys under the water.

– Place water toys which will sink, in the shallow end of the pool

– Encourage the child to retrieve them one at a time.

Tips: They can use their hands, or could even try using their toes…


Hula Hoop Jump

Using a hula hoop, have an adult stand in the water close to the steps or edge.

– Hold the hula hoop at a safe jumping distance

– Encouraging the child to jump into the hula hoop.

** Extra caution is needed, make sure you are deep enough for the child to jump and have a 2nd adult on standby to retrieve children is they go too deep underwater.

Tips: If you child is not comfortable jumping from the ledge, you can use the steps.


Tea Party

For your toddler getting familiar to water, here’s a fun game. This game is simply sitting on the floor of the shallow end, cross legged, and have a tea party. You can use plastic cups.

– Scoop water up with your cup and instead of pretending to drink it, you can slowly tip it over the childs head.

– Take turns and this can cool you off on a hot day.

This game can also be done in the bath or tiny inflatable pool. This is great for beginners getting familiar with water.

Tip: this is a great game for multiple children to play.


Animal Charades

A great game for loud kids! Pretending to be animals!

– Have the children swim or do “monkey see monkey do” along the edge of the pool.

– When they reach the end yell out an animal, and the child will charade the animal character.

– repeat and let the child go back and forth to each side of the pool.

Tell them the animal and let them perform.

Tips: animals: Kangaroos, hippos, elephants, fish and whales. Make it up as you go long.


Ice Cube Hunt

– Drop several large ice cubes into the pool.

– Have them collect them with there hand or a small scoop net.

Be quick before they melt!

Tips: Make them the night before and when you make them add in a few drops of food colouring it will make it a lot easer to see and its will be ok for the pool!!


Ring Toss

Using the classic coloured stacking rings game that most toddlers enjoy.

– Set it up to float on the water by using an upside down frisbee.

– Seated on the edge, the kids can take turns playing a ring toss game.


A few helpful tips on swimming pool safety for children under 5

  • Stay within arm’s reach of these young swimmers at all times.
  • Give them a 5 minute break every hour, to rest in the shade, have something to eat and catch there breath
  • Swim nappies are a must at all times (you don’t want any floaties in the pool)
  • Water wings are not considered to be the best teaching device.
  • Inflatable floats or swim aids can be dangerous if they leak air so make sure you check them before use.


I hope you enjoy reading and use these games to play and teach your kids

Love Katie xxx