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April 07, 2017 2 min read

No doubt the majority of your Easter Holidays usually involves a fridge full of chocolate and kids on a sugar high! While the traditional Easter Egg Hunt is always a lot of fun, it's great to come up with some creative and challenging activities to keep the kids on their toes!

Which is why at HeavenLee, we've compiled a list of our favourite activities to keep the kids happy and our of your hair these holidays.

1. Easter Hunt Clues

An alternative spin on the typical hide-and-find Easter Egg Hunt which is sure to get the kids thinking. It works by spreading the eggs around the house and providing riddles and clues for the kids to solve, in order for them to reach the chocolate.

Sign up below to get the free printable PDF cards, either pre-filled or with the option to make your own.

2. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Kids have enough chocolate already? Why not turn the 'egg hunt' into a 'scavenger hunt'? Create a list of everyday items for the kids to find, either in the house or in the garden, for example: feathers, leaves, rocks etc.

3. Egg Decorating

Egg decorating is a lot of fun, and a great creative outlet for the kids. You can use materials such as food colouring, dye, crayons even nail polish to decorate the shells. Adding shaving cream can also create interesting patterns. Click here to learn how.

4. Easter Tree

Easter trees are a great house hold decoration and are a lot of fun to put together. You'll need a vase, branches, string, and egg shells to decorate.

5. Easter Colouring 

Easy and entertaining. Click here for a bunch of free printable colouring in sheets!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

"Born from the Sun and the Sea"

Lv Lee

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