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January 19, 2017 1 min read

Collecting seashells is a great activity for the kids and will keep them well preoccupied, however, it can often result in mess and stress from bringing half the beach home with you.

Picture This

So you're at the beach with the kids who are fossicking and collecting all types of seashells and bits and bobs, using the bucket & spade as they go.

You're packing the car up for the trip home and place the bucket in the boot. Exhausted from a long day, you're dying to go home and get some rest. As you drive, you take the first turn and... oh no... sand and sea shells everywhere! URGGGG! You've got to clean all that up when I get home!

Being a mum myself, I've experienced this situation too many times, which is why we've designed new HeavenLee seashell bags, so your kids can collect shells without making a mess in the car or at home!

How They Work

Our seashell bags are designed with mesh-like material in order to keep the seashells in, and the sand out! All it requires is a quick shake or wash in the ocean and your shells are all clean and ready to go.


The seashell bags come in 4 colours (Black, Red, Blue and Purple) to suit both boys and girls, and so siblings can each have their own colour.

You can shop our seashell bags now via the link.

"Born from the Sun and the Sea"

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