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March 27, 2021 2 min read

Easter Egg HUNT CLUE’S

Every child loves a good Easter Egg hunt, the fun of scavenging around for little eggs, counting them all the end! Which one to eat first!


But why not create an Easter Egg hunt long enough for you to drink your coffee in peace this year. We have a quick and easy solution, our “Easter Egg Hunt Clues” are in a pdf for your to print out.

No matter the size of your house or backyard, as a child it’s always fun looking for surprises around the house!


Here are 2 pages of quick and easy Easter Egg Hunt Clues you can print out the night before. We use these every year in my house and my kids love them!

  • Print out the 2 pages of clues
  • Cut them out
  • Set up your hunt! You can either have kids draw the clues out from a basket, or put the clues with the eggs, so they have to find 1 egg and read the clue left with that egg.

PDF Download - Click here




DIY Easter Egg Hunt Clues

If you prefer to use your own Easter Egg Hunt Clues, here are blank ones for you to print out.



Do you children still believe in fairies and have a fairy door? We have created a  "Letter from the Easter Bunny" for the Easter Bunny to leave at your child's fairy door.

Easter Bunny Letter - Click here for PDF



My eldest daughter, Talia, was into everything magical when she was little. So we always used our fairy door, for EVERYTHING! 


I'm happy to pass these onto for other children to use.


Love Lee xx