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September 15, 2021 6 min read

Photo shoots is one of the creative aspects I love doing for HeavenLee Swimwear.

I have really missed this during Covid...

Jumping on a plane with a suitcase of swimwear, heading to a tropical destination and searching for those locations that just make you go WOW!

They make you want to grab your family, head to a gorgeous destination and live in swimwear all day! Livin' Life!

So, I thought it would be a great way to give everyone a virtual "Travel Pick-me-Up" and show you our Top 5 Photoshoots!

Here is the summary of our Top 5 behind the Scenes Unforgettable Photo shoots


No.1:  INFINITY POOL at Uluwatu, Bali

As many of you know, Bali has a special place in our HeavenLee Hearts.

We have friends there, my manufacturing is there and all the Balinese people I have met are close friends.

I’m itching to get back…. Oh Covid, why ohhhh why!

I had this amazing image in my head…. Blue water, blue skies and a row of children sitting on the edge of an infinity pool! I wanted to remind parents “Go chase your holiday dreams!”

So, I went on a hunt! Unfortunately there were not many infinity pools in Perth to create my dream…. But, I knew I was visiting the factory soon and there were a few places in Uluwatu with Infinity pools on cliffs that had unlimited blue skies.

I had been following photographer @caitmiersphotography for a while, I knew she was in Bali and could help create my dream! Her photography was outstanding and I needed that “Roxy” beach feel she had perfected! I reached out over Instagram and we went hunting for the perfect Infinity pool that had easy access for kids!

We headed to a beach at Uluwatu and found this cute canoe, straight away Cait rallied up the kids and we went adventuring for a few amazing canoe shots! Just as the rainy Bali skies cleared up.

After this, we headed to @bluepointbayvillas for lunch and our next shoot!

WOW, just WOW!

It was the Trifecta! Blue pool, Blue ocean & Blue skies!


The hotel was amazing, we had most the pool to ourselves! It was bliss and the staff were exceptional!

On the drive home, Cait had the most amazing news! She told us that last night she signed a contract to photograph with Roxy! OMG! She was the most gentle soul, caring person and a delight to meet! To watch her Instagram over the last few years travel and photograph with Roxy at some of the most beautiful locations in the world, has been amazing, remembering the day she signed her contract with them! You deserve it all Cait!

We had the most amazing day! Captured the most amazing feeling!



Dunes for Days...

This was the exact image I wanted to create for our Ribbed Range!

and Oh My Goodness we made it happen!

I've always wanted to shoot at Lancelin Dunes with a desert full of sparkling dunes in the background, and when my ribbed swimsuit samples came back, I knew this was the time!

This shoot took a lot of planning, which nearly did not happen! And I needed the parents involved to just trust me and come on a full day adventure to Lancelin. This was not just a 2 hour shoot, it was a full day!

So, how on earth do you take 7 kids, 5 adults, bags of supplies & expensive photography equipment and launch them to the back of Lancelin dunes for our perfect shot! BUGGIES!!!!

Luckily, I had the Dream Team with me at Lancelin, the best photographer, kids, parents who have all been friends for years! It made it so special.

We had Jemma from @the_magic_in_memories behind the lens, also an extraordinaire child wrangler creating perfect shot after shot!

Debbie @2hearts_1love as a backup photographer. Well, if you are taking kids & equipment out to the middle of sand dunes for the day, you need a backup!

Gorgeous models, Ruby, Sophie, Aria, Cleo, Sienna, Stella & Alissa… Now if that isn’t a PRO line-up, I don’t know what is!

The girls were all on fire, having the time of their lives! Rolling down sand dunes, jumping off sand ledges, running up and over the dunes till their lil heads disappeared… No-one really wanted to go home!

Magic was created and Memories were made!

Just check out our video to see how amazing it was!




Ruby & Soph @2hearts_1love

Aria @life_of_miss_ariajayde

Cleo @life_of_miss_cleo_rose

Sienna @sienna_dancing_queen

Stella @stella_bella_dancer15


No.3: The Magic of Summer!


Just Magic!

Is all I can describe our photo shoot with @juliekphotography

I had a vision…. re-create the “Magic of Summer!”

The glitter you see when the sun sets and hits the ocean…

The joyful laughter of kids running up and down the beach while the waves flow in and out….

That feeling, when time stands still…

You sit on the beach, just enjoy watching the kids play…

Realizing these moments are truly “magical”....

It started with 5.30am starts on the beach and over 3 days!

Wowsers, when Julie told me we needed to start shooting at 5.45am, with kids, I fell backwards!

But, I was extremely lucky all the kids were early wakers and we bribed the kids with Macca’s breaky! 

I knew I needed to trust Julie, she knew the beach, knew the vision I wanted to create, we just needed to trust her and JUMP all in! 5.30am it was!

As you can see from the images, Julie literally blew everyone away!

After I saw the pictures from the shoot, I realized that we had created more than just the “Magic of Summer”

It was reminding all parents, family, carers, anyone looking after kids….

We need to be creating more childhood memories for our children and enjoying those moments.

Their childhood years go past way too fast, and as parents, we need to enjoy these years.

In 2016, the world of Instagram was exploding! And parents had their phones, camera’s out more the usual….

As parents, we want to capture every moment we can, document it, put it up on the gram! And pretty quickly, it became more of a chore, rather than an enjoyment… Honestly!

So, as a mum myself, I wanted to remind parents…. It’s ok…. Take a quick selfie (or 50! Ha ha) then put down that phone, pick up that bucket & spade and enjoy building sandcastles with the kids! They will remember that bucket & spade and their mum’s laughter!

That’s what it’s all about!

We created “The Magic of Summer” or “The Magic of Childhood!”



No.4:  Whitefords Beach for our Jungle Range!

We have quite a few of our photo shoots at Whitefords beach in Perth WA.

It's a nice quiet beach and the sunsets are AMAZING!

So, what makes this photoshoot so special....

It's the people who made this shoot special!


Deb, Ruby & Sophie from @2hearts_1love have worked with us for years, when Ruby & Talia were little girls. Deb had been such a support for HeavenLee, shooting for us numerous time and always providing such amazing photos! 

Sheree from @ree_plus_three has been a very supportive Brand Rep and customer for years. Her children, Blake, Seth & Alyssia are so very well behaved and such a joy to be around.

What an amazing team we had at this photo shoot! Deb had everyone photographed in about 30 minutes, then the kids spend the next hour or so jumping the waves and swimming, while us mum, watched our gorgeous kids going CRAZY in the ocean while the pink sunset set!

I’m so thankful to have amazing friends I met on Instagram who are part of our HeavenLee family and loyal friends.

I wouldn’t have the inspiration today without them and I am forever grateful for their support!


No. 5:  Underwater in Bali

There is something mysterious about being underwater, the silence, tranquility, excitement and to think there is another beautiful world right beneath us!

We've always loved being underwater, whether it's snorkeling, diving down deep or the feeling of floating... it always brings a mix of peacefulness, tranquility or an unknown excitement....


In 2015 the dream of doing an underwater shoot was bought to reality with @caitmiersphotography and 2 gorgeous Bali expat kids, Teddy & Poppy, with Talia too!

Cait is a magician of underwater photography and I knew she would bring the tranquility to our shoot.

After searching, @thejayakarta_bali was perfect!

We spent all day in the pool, eating, chilling out and ending with an 'iced young coconut' drink and icy poles, of course!

I don't think I have seen many underwater photo shoots with children. We had the perfect team and the boundaries had been pushed!

The end result was Pure Tranquility!


 We absolutely love creating magical photoshoots! Keep watch on our socials to see what photoshoots we have planned next!

and just quickly.....

Reminding parents, “go chase your holiday dreams!”