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April 08, 2021 2 min read

We live in beautiful Perth, Western Australia and have some of the most amazing beaches in the world! One of them is Lancellin, an hour & bit drive from north of Perth.


Lancelin is known for their popular sand dunes, which is 2 km’s of beautiful white crisp sand. It is most popular for 4wd’ing, sandboarding, dune buggy riding.


I have always wanted to do a photoshoot at Lancelin, it’s been a dream for years!


I love doing amazing photoshoots and LOVE pushing the boundaries with our shoots! It’s a bit of a signature for HeavenLee…. Some locations are hard to get little kids to, like our Infinity Pool shoot at Uluwatu, Bali. Our Lancelin shoot was the same "How am I going to get 8 kids, 5 adults all our gear and supplies to the middle of a sand dune desert? then have them stay there for a few hours, happily?" But, I always find a way!


With the gorgeous earthy colours of our Ribbed range, I knew this would be the perfect range to have a photoshoot at with the rolling crisp white sand dunes at Lancelin. So, I gathered up our dream team of photographers & models as we headed up there!


It was a gorgeous sunny day and as you can see from our “Behind the Scene’s” video, we had an absolute blast!!

 My gorgeous friends Jemma from @The Magic in Memories (Instagram) was our photographer with my amazing friend Deb from @2hearts_1love (Instagram) testing our her new lens too!



If you are thinking of heading up to the Lancelin Sand Dunes, Here’s a few tips to enjoy your day

  • We had a large group of 5 adults, 7 kids and hired 2 sand buggies. Instead of driving the buggies ourselves, we asked them to drive us. They are experts and can drop you off at a nice quiet spot for a few hours fun.
  • Phone chargers! Take them, you don’t want to be stuck out on the dunes and can’t call the buggy guys to pick you up!
  • Take plenty of food, water, sunscreen, picnic blankets.
  • Put sunscreen on before you go out on the dunes, as putting sunscreen on during a sand wind storm is YUCK!
  • It can get very hot, take hats! It can get very windy & sand stormy, take light jumpers and sunglasses for the kids. It will stop the sand blowing in their eye’s.
  • After your day on the dunes, head to the park near the pub. They have toilets, beach showers. Change the kids and brush off any sand before you take the drive home.
  • ONLY drive your 4WD on the sand if you know how to!
  • The sand buggy’s are soooo much fun! Why not, use them! Even our little 4 year old’s loved them!


All our HeavenLee team had a blast at the Lancelin Sand Dunes! If you have young kids, don't be put off..... All the staff based at the dunes are very helpful! 


Pack up the car, throw the kids in and head up there! You will have the best day!


Cheers Lee xx