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January 27, 2017 2 min read

Here at HeavenLee, we’ve put together a list of games for the whole family to enjoy this Australia Day, whether you’re in the backyard or at the beach!


Pin the Tail on the Kangaroo

An Australian variation of the classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, gather some blue tack and an eye mask and have a hilarious time while you watch the kids close their eyes and put the kangaroo’s tail on it’s head. This is sure to be a hit with the adults too! You can print the kangaroo here.

Pin the Tail on the Kangaroo


Backyard Cricket

Now you might have to improvise with the stumps and use the garbage bin, but it wouldn’t be Australia Day if you didn’t. It’s a great activity to get the whole family involved.


Water Balloons

Always a lot of fun, and a great way to cool down. Buy a cheap packet of water balloons for the kids to chase each other with, they will love it.


Colour In Australian Flags

How well do you know our state flags? Our friends over at Kidspot have put together a range of downloadable Aussie Flags for the kids to colour in. See if you know their correct colours. Follow the link to download yours now and check out their Australian Craft!


Aussie Scavenger Hunt

Depending on where you’re spending your Australia Day, make up a list of items for the kids to find. If you’re on the beach, ideas could include sea shells and sea weed, or if you’re in the garden, perhaps feathers and gum nuts. The kids could even put their findings in one of our Sea Shell Bags!


Make Icy Poles

There’s endless possibilities for what you could put in these, and they’re a great way to cool everyone down on what is sure to be a hot day. Some ingredient ideas include juice, smoothies, yoghurt and fresh fruit. Click here for some more flavour inspiration.

Aussie Animal Drawings

How many Australian animals can the kids name? Get them to draw as many animals as they can, then give them some pencils and paper to draw them.


Thong Toss

An Aussie alternative to ‘Ring Toss’, Thong Toss is a lot of fun for the whole family. Mark out an area on the grass (or on the sand if you’re at the beach).  Use small thongs for little kids as they find them easier to use, and get throwing!

It’s going to be a hot day so remember to wear plenty of sun protective gear and stay hydrated.


Hope you all have a great Aussie Day.

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Lv Lee  xx