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June 04, 2015 5 min read

We have recently come back from an amazing 5 day holiday in Bali, Indonesia with our best friends and all our kids. After posting photo’s on Facebook of our day at Finn’s Beach Club and visiting Semara Resort , I’ve had numerous message from people asking where this beautiful turquoise beach is.

Finn’s Beach Club is definitely a WOW moment for everyone!

As I try to think of the perfect words to sum up this location….. It’s best described on their website… No other words do it justice!

“Stare in amazement at your first glimpse of the beautiful turquoise Indian Ocean below which makes the stunning landscape for Finn’s Beach Club. The 180 metres of private white sandy beach is accessed by an inclinator that will carry you down the sheer drop of the cliff face providing the perfect backdrop for spectacular photo opportunities.

Visitors to Finn’s can laze away the day in the sun enjoying the cool tunes and the service from our fun & friendly Balinese staff. For the more active take a kayak or stand up paddle board out for a ride. When the tide pulls low the rock pools and crystal clear lagoon are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.”

See there website for more here


Here are my hints to be prepared for a day at Finn’s.

  • It’s approx. 30 or 45 mins drive from Kuta, but so worth a full day trip.
  • Get a driver to pick you up about 10am and head to Uluwatu straight away.
  • Finn’s Beach Club can get booked out by 10.30 or 11am as it’s very popular. They have maximum capacity of 200 people, this why you need to get there as early as possible. Once maximum capacity is reached you have to wait until someone leaves before you can enter. Some people even get there at 9am.
  • Walk through the Semara Resort and head past the pool, down the steps to the Finn’s ticket area.
  • Once you reach the Finn’s ticket area, ask when the high tide is, as you wont be able to swim during high tide (especially kids!). I am a strong swimmer and struggled swimming against the current, but swim between the flags!
  • You can not take your own food or drinks into Finn’s. The food is amazing and the cocktails even better, so just indulge for the day! My husband is Italian and loves his woodfire pizza’s and he was amazed with the Pizza station.

  • If you aren’t going with kids, head straight down grab a drink and enjoy your day.
  • If you are with kids and it’s high tide, still buy your tickets and ask them to book you a table at the Finn’s restaurant and tell them you will be down for lunch in 30 minutes. Then head back up the stairs and let the kids burn off some energy swimming in the AWESOME infinity pool before lunch and order yourself a cocktail. This will get the kids swimming bug out of their system while the high tide is on. The Semara Resort is beautiful and breath taking!

  • After the kids have burnt off some energy, head down to the ticket area and enjoy your Inclinator ride down to paradise!
  • If you are going with a group up to 6 people, it may be worth while reserving a Bale for the whole day. Check it out here! Just to give you a guide, we went with 5 adults and 3 kids, we had lunch and a few drinks. Our bill was close to $350 AUD. Last time we looked the cost for a Bale was approx. $400 AUD and it includes credits for food & drinks. So definitely worth it if you are spending the full day and sunset there.
  • You can check out the Tidal Chart on their website here and as you can see the high tide leaves approx. 3.30pm/4pm. But please don’t be put off by the high tide.
  • If you have time, stay for dinner and you maybe lucky to stay for their famous beach bonfires.

  • If you leave at a reasonable hour… head into the reception of Semara resorts and ask them if you can view one of the 5 bedroom luxy villa’s. We did, and WOW!

It cost 250,000 IDR per adult to get into Finn’s and kids under 12 are free. But you get 150,000 IDR credit to spend on food & drinks. It also includes the hire of a sunlounge or beanbag, towel, water sport activities and inclinator ride.

Be prepared to spend all day there, as once the high tide leaves the crystal clear lagoon is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. For the more active take a kayak or stand up paddle board out for a ride. DO NOT leave while it is high tide, just relax, eat, drink and enjoy the view…

  • If you have kids that love sand and the beach, it’s ok to take them down onto the beach during high tide, I took ours down and they loved building sandcastles and running in the water. But stay close as the waves are strong.

  • Don’t be afraid to take the kids, they will love it! Finn’s has a kids menu with colouring in and the staff are so friendly with the kids. Even though some visitors might not like the kids running around on the beach, don’t be put off, they will love it! It’s just not advised to spend the whole day there with kids.
  • and pack your HeavenLee Swimwear for the kids!

The staff were fantastic. The French chef has very happy to make sure all our meals were perfect. There were plenty of staff around to help out and assist with requests. Drinks very served very quickly.

But, it’s not a cheap day for the whole family… It’s more of a special place to go, amazing to visit and to be enjoyed by all who visit. We will definitely be heading back to Finn’s next time in Bali, but with no kids, getting there at 9am and staying until sunset.

There are so many beautiful photo’s I could share, but that would spoilt the magic, so make sure your camera is charged!

I hope this post will inspire you to put Finn’s Beach Club on your bucket list!

Cheers Lee xx


BALI  General Info:


If you need a driver, Facebook my mate Dwi from Secret Bali Tours. He had a backup plan for us, in case Finn’s Beach Club was booked. If you message Dwi, tell him you found him from our blog, he can take you to some really nice places.


As we travelled with a 1 year old baby, a very demanding 1 year old! I hired a babysitter for the week and she even came to Finn’s with us. She was amazing. We did take a pram down the inclinator and steps to Finn’s, but we didn’t use it… As you can see….

This post was in no way sponsored by the businesses mentioned. We went here for our family holiday and loved it, so I had to share.

Cheers Lee xx