Beach Treasure Hunts!

This summer HeavenLee Swimwear will be surprising the kids of Perth with Beach Treasure Hunts! The lucky winners will get some of our gorgeous children’s swimwear as a prize. We will give clue’s over Facebook and Instagram the day of the Treasure Hunt or if you are lucky, the day before.


Here is our first Treasure Hunt we had down at Sorrento Beach in December. It was so much fun, that we had 2 more on the same day! So you never know how many sandcastle surprises will be burying in the sand… he he he… If you see a “Dig Here” sign in the ground, don’t walk past next time! get digging!!!!


Our winners were the cute, Holly, and also 2 lovely girls who were on holidays in Perth and it was their first time swimming in an ocean. What a special day for the sisters 🙂

winners Holly

Here are some clues we gave away on Facebook and Instagram….. So be sure to follow us and keep lookout on social media to find out our next location.





I know some of these pictures are the wrong way up… but if I left it too easy for you, it won’t be much of a hunt for the next time.. Oppss… I gave away our next clues…. he he

Cheers Lee xx

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